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Thank you Sunlighten for making such an amazing product!

“We just wanted to let you know how happy we are at Cloud 9 Medi Spa with our mPulse Discover purchase. After researching and talking to different manufacturers, we kept coming back to Sunlighten. The customer service that all of you provided was one of the best selling points, as well as the beauty and workmanship of your products. We assembled the sauna ourselves, with no extra help, and it only took us about 90 or so minutes to assemble. When we got it turned on, it was like something out of science fiction! There are very user friendly controls that allow ANYBODY to customize their sauna treatments from a whole list of choices. It is very easy to learn and program, but best of all, our customers LOVE IT!! If you have any kind of a medical practice that could benefit from this, I would strongly suggest to do so. If you are somebody who is shopping for a home unit, look no further, this is it! We could have saved money and bought a bargain unit, but we would be regretting it now. Thank you Sunlighten for making such an amazing product!”

John Draper and Kim Hagen – Cloud 9 Medi Spa

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Sunlighten customer service is excellent!

“Customer service is excellent! Very quick to respond and follow up. I would definitely buy another sauna from Sunlighten. They are a pleasure to work with. I never worry about my sauna.”

Sandy Harry, Sedona Fitness

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Impressed with the fine quality

“I received the sauna this past Saturday, no damage, set it up Tuesday evening in about an hour without any difficulty and am impressed with the fine quality of the product and the expert craftmanship in the construction. What a pleasure to have everything go smoothly without any problem and being involved in the assembly. I was close up enough to notice how well everthing fit together with fine precision. Your company is to be commended for producing such a fine quality product. I know we are proud to show it off to our friends and some are showing interest in obtaining one.”

Jim McHale, Valued CustomerAll Posts

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One well satisfied Sunlighten customer

“The sauna has exceeded my expectations. Easy to assemble, easy to use. I cannot say enough good things about the customer service dept. Doesn’t happen often, but this product is as good as advertised. One well satisfied customer.”

Bob Gerstley, Valued Customer

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I am totally in love with my Sunlighten sauna!

“The first session of my mPulse Believe was amazing!! It was like angels came down from heaven and were singing to me!! I am totally in love with it. I felt so relaxed afterwards and didn’t want to get out!”

Angelina Ely, Valued Customer

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We definitely recommend Sunlighten as the best sauna around!

“We love our sauna.  It is comfortable, works like a charm, well constructed and easy to install.  Delivery was timely and they put it together for us.  We definitely recommend Sunlighten as the best sauna around!”

Deb Warden, Valued Customer